iGAMBIT has been around since 1996
developing software, servicing customers
and licensing technology. In 2009 iGAMBIT,
the founders and the management team
became focused on the holding company
concept. Specifically: to acquire, help build
and once mature spin-off technology
iGAMBIT Provides Capital,
including financial and technical
management help to our partner
companies. We allow talented
entrepreneurs to focus their time and
energies on building a business not on
raising capital and dealing with investors.
Together we create and fund a solid
business plan and an overall better long
term exit strategy for the principals and all
of our shareholders.
iGAMBIT Founders and management
have had the direct hands on experience of
building multi-million dollar businesses in a
three year period from basic start ups... all
with our own money and without VC or
investor interference.
iGAMBIT Offers
talented entrepreneurs a great opportunity
to survive and thrive in this current rough
economy. If you are profitable or near
cash-neutral and have a solid Technology
based product with recurring revenue then,
consider JOINING US.
iGAMBIT will, based upon our goals,
timing and market conditions, consider a
"spin-off"of your company as a "public
whereby you and your
management team will retain a major
interest in your company. This will benefit
you and all iGambit shareholders.
What does a Spinoff mean?
The creation of an independent company
through the sale or distribution of new
shares of an existing business or division
of a parent company. A type of divestiture.