Chairman - Mr. Salerno is a seasoned hands-on executive with over 40 years of experience with public and private computer software and service companies. Mr. Salerno built a multi-million dollar business from a start up, servicing over 400 Real Estate building owners and managers in the NY Metropolitan area. The business was sold in 1984 and Mr. Salerno provided consulting services to a wide range of clients through 1995. In 1996, along with his Lawyer daughter and a small group of private accredited investors he co-founded bigVAULT, Inc. an online backup and file-sharing company. After signing contracts with Verizon and Cablevision, this business was sold to Digi-Data Corp. in 2006 in an asset purchase sale and the big VAULT company name was changed to iGambit , Inc. iGambit received an upfront payment and receives on-going percentage payments. From 2006 thru February 2009 Mr. Salerno served as President of the Vault Services Division for Digi-Data. Upon the expiration of his contract the Vault Services Division was at a revenue run rate of $12 million annually. In March 2009, Mr. Salerno returned to his full time management roll at iGAMBIT. Mr. Salerno is an ex - US Marine Corps, Crypto and Communications Officer and has a BS in Mathematics from Fordham University.